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[PKGBUILD] remove lib*.so dependancies

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......@@ -16,7 +16,7 @@ license=('LGPL2.1' 'GPL2')
depends=('a52dec' 'libdvbpsi' 'libxpm' 'libdca' 'libproxy' 'lua' 'libidn'
'libmatroska' 'taglib' 'libmpcdec' 'ffmpeg' 'faad2' 'libmad'
'libmpeg2' 'xcb-util-keysyms' 'libtar' 'libxinerama' 'libsecret'
'libupnp' '' '' 'libarchive' 'freetype2' 'fribidi'
'libupnp' 'libarchive' 'freetype2' 'fribidi'
'harfbuzz' 'fontconfig' 'libxml2' 'gnutls' 'libplacebo' 'aribb24')
makedepends=('live-media' 'libbluray' 'flac' 'libdc1394' 'libavc1394' 'libcaca'
'librsvg' 'libgme' 'xosd' 'twolame' 'aalib' 'avahi' 'systemd-libs'
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